I'm a Board-Certified attorney in City, County, and Local Government Law with over a decade of experience with innovative revenue programs, specialty and appellate litigation, special districts, and program structuring.

  • Based in Orlando, FL
  • Experience 10+ Years
  • Counties Served 42

About Me

Special Revenue
Million Raised
for Communities

My name is Jamy Dinkins. After law school and serving at the Florida Supreme Court and the First District Court of Appeal, I knew that local government lawyers could better serve their communities through innovative, creative problem-solving.

I founded CivForge Law to serve Florida local governments in creating new programs that improve the lives of their constituents. I've assisted special districts with over $5 billion in bond validations for renewable energy and energy efficiency projects, created programs to fund life-safety and transportation needs, and assisted with city, county, and special district charter development and amendment. I've also helped countless cities and counties across the country with environmental action plans to help deploy limited resources for high impact in reducing CO2 emissions.

The goal of CivForge is to be a resource for local governments who need a knowledgeable perspective to solve unusual problems, particularly those created by unprecedented population growth and climate change.

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My Experience

Having served local governments for over a decade, I understand the unique challenges facing our governments that are closest to the people. My experience includes communities from South Florida to the Panhandle and litigation from County Court to the Florida Supreme Court, and project sizes from the thousands to the billions.

Creative Customized Governance Structuring

Creation and amendment of constitutional documents for various categories of local governments

Systems for Non-Tax Revenue Development

Non-ad valorem revenue systems for funding essential services such as stormwater management & fire protection

Government-Focused Appellate Representation

Consultation, briefing, and oral argument on a variety of local government cases

Solutions Design for Complex Local Government Problems

Process management, legal systems, and stakeholder organization for novel challenges facing local governments

Juris Doctor, Summa Cum Laude
The Florida State University College of Law
Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Sciences
University of Central Florida

Successful representation of clients before the Florida Supreme Court


Board Certified in City, County, and Local Government Law


Bond closings in excess of $2,000,000,000 total


Statewide representation of local government clients

2020 - Present
CivForge, Inc. & CivForge Law, P.A.
Managing Shareholder

Co-founded parallel law & governance design practices that blend innovative technical and legal approaches to solve local government challenges

James C. Dinkins, P.A.
Managing Shareholder

Founded a solo practice focusing on city, county, and local government law and emphasizing governance structuring, non- tax revenue, and appeals

First District Court of Appeal
Law Clerk, Judge Scott Makar

Reviewed and drafted recommendations and proposed opinions for appellate cases across all legal practice areas

Florida Supreme Court
Externship Program, Justice Barbara Pariente

Researched and wrote bench memoranda for consumption by supreme court justices, focusing on jurisdiction and related concepts

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Working in and around local government provides a broader perspective than can be gained from a single point of view. When possible, I share some of these insights and perspectives.

Representative Projects

  • Helped to create and operate the Florida PACE Funding Agency, which provides support to private property owners installing energy efficiency and renewable energy improvements statewide
  • Worked with cities around the state to develop special assessment programs to fund fire safety, alternative policing, and stormwater management programs while reducing reliance on tax revenue
  • Provided advice to counties in the charter amendment process, particularly with proposals facing tense political situations
  • Pursued bond validation and mandamus actions on behalf of clients facing obstructive actions by other public entities

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(239) 810-2682