Why local climate planning has failed

We read and analyzed the results of 28 climate action plans. Read what does and doesn't work and how climate professionals can rethink how they approach climate action planning.

Meso, the Climate Platform

Meso is an all-in-one climate planning and implementation platform for local governments.

Meso automates many of the data, reporting, and planning tasks that burden local governments day-to-day, freeing up time for staff to actually implement the programs that move the needle on climate.

  • Automated, real-time GHG inventories that free up municipal climate staff
  • Precise modeling for the emissions impact of every reduction strategy
  • Drag-and-drop to create dynamic climate plans with instant emissions forecasts
  • Implementation tools like robust cost-benefit analysis and reporting
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About CivForge

We're a technology startup that's building tools to help accelerate local progress on climate change.

After years of seeing local governments lack the tools and resources they needed to achieve climate action, we teamed up to find ways to empower local governments to better serve their constituents and achieve serious progress on climate.

We build Meso, a climate planning platform that dramatically improves local climate action outcomes. We also create free resources for climate professionals to use in developing their local climate programs.

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Local Government Veterans

We're a team that has worked directly in and alongside local government for decades.


Putting Our Values Into Practice

CivForge has been 100% carbon neutral since our founding.


Led from the Grassroots

We work directly with the constituents in every community we serve and are committed to empowering their voice.