Meso, the Climate Platform

Meso is an all-in-one climate planning platform for local governments. Automatically create real-time GHG inventories, model the precise effects of your mitigation strategies, run cost-benefit analyses, and more.

Automated, real-time GHG inventories

Traditional GHG inventories require dozens if not hundreds of hours of legwork to produce. Meso produces inventories in real-time and automatically, freeing up staff time to actually reduce emissions, not produce reports all day.

1. Connect your local data sources

We collect the data and handle all edge cases for you, such as executing an NDA with your utility and cleaning messy data ourselves.

2. Configure your custom inventory preferences

We align with your emissions protocol of choice and configure the inventory reporting to meet your custom needs.

3. Monitor your emissions

Once onboarded, you can monitor your emissions in real-time, automatically. And as datasets and protocols change, we'll keep the inventory up-to-date.

Precise emissions forecasting

Meso precisely forecasts your different emissions scenarios utilizing advanced machine learning algorithms. Graph what your emissions will look like if you do nothing (business-as-usual) and track the precise impact of each step of your climate action plan to see what it takes to get to net neutral.

  • Accounts for demographic and statistical changes (e.g., population growth)
  • Models predicted land use changes (e.g., industrial development)
  • Hyper-local by design, forecasting your exact community's unique emissions
  • Transparently calculated; we show you the math and let you check our assumptions

Instantaneous mitigation planning

Meso allows you to build sophisticated climate plans in house (or with our guided assistance) by selecting from a comprehensive library of best practices. We know the preise impact each action has on your emissions and we're more than happy to model any custom actions you might have in mind.

Already have a climate plan? Bring it with you.

The traditional climate planning model is broken. Communities spend thousands of dollars on a consultant to develop their climate action plan, only for the plan to quickly become stale and outdated.

Meso is different. Instead of a static document, you're empowered to build a dynamic plan where you can easily drag-and-drop your reduction actions, see their forecasted impact in real-time, and adjust as conditions inevitably change.

Meso comes pre-loaded with a library of dozens of best practices for emissions reduction—policy actions we've curated from studying what does and doesn't work in communities around the country.

Every mitigation action's impact on emissions is precisely modeled, as well as its cost and staff time requirements. This allows you to build a robust plan, instead of a laundry list of actions with an unknown impact.

Many consultants assume each community is the same, failing to customize plans accordingly. Meso recognizes each locality is special. For example, if you want to install municipal solar, we know exactly what your grid mix is, how much sunlight your geographic area receives, and the cost of solar contractors in your particular area.

And if you want to do something custom that's not in our preloaded library of actions, just let us know—we'll model its emission impact and cost, custom for you.

Robust cost-benefit analysis tools

Climate programs are expensive and funding is always scarce. Meso tracks the cost of every action in your climate plan and helps you assess what gets the biggest bang for your buck.

  • Tracks operational and capital expenditures associated with each strategy
  • Measures required staff time (FTE) for each action
  • Export beautiful reports to share with your elected officials and finance team
  • Set your budget and choose the strategies with the highest, immediate impact

Ongoing implementation support

Meso is much more than a software platform. Our team of dedicated climate professionals is here to help you secure funding, manage program implementation, and develop policy.

Action-oriented, implementation guides

We've written step-by-step guides for every mitigation action in our library to help guide you in program implementation.

Case studies and peer support

Every action comes with a set of case studies and list of already participiating communities you can reach out to.

Comprehensive supporting documents

Sample agenda items, resolutions, and much more are included in our library. We're here to save you time.

An accessible & friendly Constituent Dashboard

We hear regularly from local governments how difficult it is to transparently communicate their progress on climate with the public. Our Constituent Dashboard was designed to make public engagement the center of a climate action effort, not an afterthought.

  • Automatically connects to our backend, significantly reducing the time required to maintain it
  • Designed to be friendly and approachable, free of scientific jargon and unneeded complexity
  • Features a dynamic feed for updating the community with important announcements, achievements, and other news
  • Available in English and Spanish, with more languages coming soon

Interested? Schedule a call to see if Meso is a good fit for your commmunity.