We're 100% carbon-neutral.

We've been 100% carbon-neutral since our founding. We take practicing what we preach seriously.

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Carbon offsets, minus the greenwashing.

We've partnered with Pachama, a leading, technology-first carbon offsets company. Co-founded by two Argentinians who experienced the effects of deforestation on the diverse rainforests of South America first-hand, Pachama is the leading ethical provider of carbon offsets in the industry. They utilize advanced machine learning algorithms and satellite imagery to verify and protect 100% of their offsets, providing significantly more integrity and confidence than existing solutions.

While we have much fewer emissions than most traditional companies (more on this below), we offset over 100% of our emissions through Pachama. We invest exclusively in a diverse portfolio of forestry preservation and conservation projects throughout the United States, including ones located near some of the very municipalities we serve.

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Solar Microgrid

We have ground-mounted solar panels outside of our headquarters, and about 80 percent of our energy comes from the sun. The remainder is offset with Pachama.


When we travel, we use an electric vehicle mostly charged by our solar panels. Longer trips that involve charging stops use grid power which we entirely offset.

Recycled Materials

Our office is almost entirely digital, but we always use recycled paper when we have to print beacuse it's less energy-intense and saves CO2-absorbing trees.

Robust Offsets

We track all emissions we generate and mitigate in excess of 100% of them: everything from the flights we take down to just a single postcard we send.

We're advocates too.

Outside of our day jobs, we advocate at the state and national level for bold action on climate.

Most recently, we submitted evidence to the House Subcommittee on the Environment & Climate Change, encouraging them to provide more funding to local governments in the fight against climate change.