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Using tax increment financing to fund green projects

If you ask any local government professional across the country that’s in charge of tackling climate change what the biggest challenge they’re facing is: a huge percentage of them will answer “money.” The second and third most commonly stated concerns are a lack of political will and limited...

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Three actions cities can take while still drafting their climate action plan (and three things to avoid)

We know from writing our report, Why Local Climate Planning Has Failed, that cities are more likely to achieve their climate goals when they have a robust plan that outlines the best actions to take, identifies when to take them, and is supported by both scientific evidence and funding commitments. But drafting a good climate action plan (CAP) takes time, particularly when you’re waiting for your initial...

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Introducing The Forge

Welcome to The Forge​​—a blog about climate action and how local governments can better tackle the climate crisis. We started The Forge (and the team behind it, CivForge) because we thought local climate professionals were lacking the tools, resources, and help they needed to seriously reduce emissions and combat climate at the municipal level.

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