Welcome to CivForge.

CivForge helps local governments tackle climate change. We build tools, systems, and resources that help local governments focus on taking actual climate action, not just endlessly planning.

Our Story

After a collective two decades working in and with local governments, we grew frustrated with local government progress on climate change.

We realized that local government had more potential to achieve progress on climate than any other level of government, but that it was increasingly lacking the tools and resources it needed to govern well.

We set out to build CivForge, a company that provides beautifully crafted, powerful tools and resources that public servants can use to implement world-class climate action programs.

Our Values

Set high standards.

We set the highest standards for what citizens can expect from their government—and then we meet them.

Govern well.

We prioritize transparency, accessibility, and accountability in everything we take on.

Build to last.

Not only should our communities be resilient, but so should the governance systems we build for them.

Embody democracy.

We believe deeply in democracy, so we center equity and inclusivity so that everyone can take part.

100% Carbon Neutral

We've been 100% carbon neutral since our founding and mitigate all of our emissions via local forestry projects located exclusively in the United States.

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Implementation Consulting

We focus on helping local governments implement climate action efforts, not just plan them like every other consultant.

Free Resources

We provide resources and tools to help local governments better tackle climate change-related problems.

Technical Assistance

We deploy our team of climate engineers directly into communities to work on designing climate action programs from the ground up.

What We Do

Our primary focus at the moment is implementation consulting, but we're always working on building other tools and resources to help advance equity concerns and a lack of funding in local climate action.